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Case-Shiller: Home Prices Rocketing Skyward

Even as the economy struggles to recover, home prices continue to improve, according to the latest (September) Standard & Poors / Case-Shiller report released today.

Seattle home values are up an astonishing 10.6% from February, after picking up another small gain in September. The local index now stands at 142.09.

Nationwide, home values are up 9.05% in the same period, with the index standing at 146.22.

The Index is pegged relative to home values in January 2000, where it is set at 100.00.

Home values peaked nationwide in July 2006 at 206.52, the latest reading is 146.22, about even with values in September 2003.

The Seattle market peaked in July 2007 at 192.30, it is currently at 142.09, close to readings from February 2005.

For more information, visit the Standard & Poors website.