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October Case-Shiller: Calmest Year Ever For Real Estate Values

The numbers are in for October, and this year has been the calmest in the twenty-one-year history of the Case-Shiller Index. Values from January are down less than one percent (0.88%), calmer even than last year’s 1.35% slide. The prior record was a gain of 1.45% in 1991. The most volatile year on record was 1990, when values were up 16.07% from January to October.

Values typically slide during the fourth quarter; the average slide in Seattle since 1990 is 0.41%; last year was the second worst on record at 4.39%. The three biggest years of fourth-quarter gains were 3.3% in 2005, 2.5% in 2004, and 1.6% in 2003.

The median home sale price in King County through October was $370,315, down 2% from last year’s $377,800.