We Love Portage Bay Goods in Fremont!

It’s not just because they often have the perfect gift, such as: “Flask In a Book,” a 4 oz stainless steel flask concealed in The Good Book, especially handy at office parties and P.T.A. meetings, $29.95. Or the Cat Butt Pencil Sharpener: put a pencil in it’s you know where and twist. “MEOW”. Yes, the cat meows when you sharpen your pencil in it’s behind! ($19.95)

This well-curated gift shop, offering an eclectic selection of cards and gifts “designed to make you look like the thoughtful, considerate person you really want to be. Deep down.” There’s also useful stuff for the home, for the kids and for the grownups and even for the office – try a pair of Drumstick Pencils You know the guy … the type that picks up a pair of office pencils and does an impromptu drum solo, like they’re playing to a crowd of thousands- not a water cooler and the photocopier. Pander to their fantasy with these perfectly formed drumstick pencils! ($9.95 a pair).

We love Portage Bay Goods because they’re small enough to dash in and out of, and large enough to have a great selection for finding something totally “appropriate” for the situation!

With a great selection of greeting cards, stationery, candles, and other fun stuff.

706 N 34th St, 100 feet or so east of Fremont Ave N. Open daily 10-7.


2 responses to “We Love Portage Bay Goods in Fremont!

  1. Hey, I love Portage Bay gifts too. You’re not the only one.

  2. mauriekirschner

    I agree! They are one of my favorite places as well. I recently found the best ever birthday gift for a friend – 30 different post cards that used her favorite curse word creatively. It had just been one of those few weeks leading up to her birthday and she needed a really good laugh. I also love their eclectic collection of small bumper stickers, perfect for bikes and I can always find a card there! And the best part – we’re buying local!

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