Seattle Home Values Touch New Low

We say, “touch,” rather than, “hit,” because the latest figures from Case-Shiller are three-tenths of one percent lower than February.

Jan 145.09
Feb 143.56
Mar 143.72
Apr 145.14
May 146.82
Jun 146.83
Jul 147.04
Aug 145.93
Sep 145.07
Oct 143.13

Housing values fell 4.1% since October 2009, they had fallen 12.4% prior to that. Overall, home values are 25.6% below their peak in July 2007.

Nationwide, home values are down 1% since October 2009, with the index standing at 145.32.

The index is set at 100 for January 2000, home values in Cleveland and Las Vegas are pretty much at Y2K levels. Washington D.C. showed the biggest gain from last year, at 3.7%, followed by Los Angeles (3.3%) and San Francisco (3%).


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